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Apple hired the two former Sony Television executives in The two executives led into a video starring creatives such as JJ Abrams, M. The stars discussed how they go about their creative process. Witherspoon and Aniston will be the leads, alongside Carell. Kumail Nanjiani then took the stage. Nanjiani and Emily V.

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Details of the show were first reported last year. Up next is Big Bird. Abrams and Sara Bareilles. Pro Display XDR uses a direct backlighting system with a large array of LEDs that produce 1, nits of full-screen brightness and 1, nits of peak brightness, far surpassing that of a typical display. With an advanced thermal system that uses its aluminum lattice pattern as a heat sink, Pro Display XDR can sustain 1, nits of full-screen brightness indefinitely, something that has never been possible before on a display at this price point.

And with an amazing 1,, contrast ratio, images will have the brightest specular highlights, super dark blacks and all the details in between.

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The Pro Stand has an intricately engineered arm that perfectly counterbalances the display so it feels virtually weightless, allowing users to easily place it into position. The Pro Stand provides both tilt and height adjustment, and also allows Pro Display XDR to rotate into portrait mode, perfect for tasks like retouching photos, designing a web page or writing code.

Easily removable, the Pro Stand quickly attaches and detaches so it is easy to take on location.

About Apple Mac TV Commercial, 'Behind the Mac' Feat. Grimes, Song by Daniel Johnston

With a single Thunderbolt 3 cable, Pro Display XDR connects seamlessly to the Mac product line, including the new Mac Pro, which supports up to six displays for a breathtaking million pixels. Pricing and Availability. All will be available to order in the fall. Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available at apple.

Press Contacts Jennie Orphanopoulos Apple jennieo apple. Apple has started marketing its Powerbeats Pro earphones ahead of their upcoming release with a pair of ads in Hollywood. A banner ad and nearby billboard reveal that the Powerbeats Pro will be "totally wireless," as expected, making them the first cord-free Beats earphones like AirPods.

A photo of the ad was tipped to 9to5Mac, which earlier uncovered an image of the Powerbeats Pro and their charging case hidden in iOS Image Credit: 9to5Mac CNET was first to report on Apple's plans to release cord-free Powerbeats, which will essentially be fitness-oriented AirPods, ideal for the gym, sports, running, and so forth. The website said the new Powerbeats will launch in April, and Apple's ads in Hollywood apparently confirm they are "coming soon. Image Credit: 9to5Mac It appears the Powerbeats Pro will be available in both black and white, but pricing remains to be seen.

Apple Mac TV Commercial, 'Behind the Mac' Feat. Grimes, Song by Daniel Johnston

Apple this afternoon shared a humorous new video on its YouTube channel focusing on using Apple products at work. The spot kicks off with a design team that has just a few days to come up with a round pizza box prototype for an important meeting, which they manage to pull off using Apple's iPhones, iPads, and laptops. The Apple Pencil is used for design purposes, as are the iWork apps on Macs and Microsoft's suite of apps.

The video ends with the tagline "This is Apple at work," and the description links to Apple's business site with more information on the apps and services in the video. Apple products help employees work more simply and productively, solve problems creatively, and collaborate with a shared purpose.

And they're all designed to work together beautifully. When people have the power to work the way they want, with the tools they love, they can do their best work and change the future of their business.

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Apple has shared multiple iPad Pro videos in the past, but this is the first iPad and Mac focused video that's been aimed at Apple's enterprise. Apple today shared a humorous new privacy-focused ad on its YouTube channel, highlighting the ad tracking prevention features that have been built into Safari. In the spot, a year-old boy with a wispy mustache stands in front of a mirror and looks up when he should be shaving, a search he presumably wouldn't want to be tracked.

It's followed with text that reads: "Safari limits sites from tracking you across the web, because what you browse should be your business. Safari on iOS and macOS has had Intelligent Tracking Prevention features since , making it harder for companies to gather data about you and track your browsing habits across multiple. Apple today shared a new privacy-focused iPhone ad on its YouTube channel. The ad will premiere tonight and air through March Madness in the United States before expanding to select other markets globally. The second video starts with the tagline "privacy matters" and then shows a variety of humorous if not slightly awkward situations where people would want their privacy protected in everyday life.

In one scene, for example, two men briefly pause their conversation while a waitress is at their table.

Apple fixed the bug in iOS Apple similarly promoted its privacy stance with a billboard near CES in Las Vegas that read "what happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone. Apple has long said it believes privacy is a "fundamental human right," and as part of that, it aims to minimize its collection of customer data and disassociate it from an individual user when it. Guides Powerbeats Pro Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds.

AirPods Guide If you're new to AirPods, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips. Best Camera Apps iPhone If you're looking to take your iPhone photography up a notch, make sure to check these out. See More Guides. Mac Pro Fall Apple Arcade Fall See Full Product Calendar. Apple in iOS 13 made changes to the way location tracking permissions work, and there's no longer an option for apps to ask to "Always Allow" location tracking. Instead, Apple allows Along with many new features for the iPhone and the iPad, iOS 13 brings updates to CarPlay, overhauling the interface for the first time in years and adding useful new functionality.

In our Ahead of the launch, Apple is accepting pre-orders through its online stores in Japan Apple today filed a lawsuit against Corellium, a mobile device virtualization company that supports iOS. Corellium describes itself as the "first and only platform" that offers iOS, Android, Apple is directly or indirectly responsible for creating a total of 2. Apple says that this is four times the number of American